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Water is a crucial part of life and ensures the survival of living being on earth. Three vital resources necessary for life on earth are air, water, and food. The use of resources

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WBM Foundation participated at UMT Career Fair and distributed plants among students and offer jobs there.

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WBM Foundation participated at Aiwan E Quaid Education expo to give awareness to public about plants and distributed 1500 plants among people.

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WBM Foundation distributed 1000 trees among public at Jillani park to give awareness to people on Environment.

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WBM Foundation have celebrated Mr. Umair Anjum birthday at Race course park and encourage him to participate in tree plantation campaign.

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Ecosystem An ecosystem is a self-sufficient unit of the environment. An Ecosystem refers to an area where both abiotic and biotic constituents are interacting with each other. Biotic Components include living things i.e.,

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