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Ozone-Depleting Substances (ODS) Ozone is the protective layer that shields the earth from the harmful rays of the sun. This thin layer of ozone lies in the stratosphere region of the atmosphere. But

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Introduction of Cartagena protocol on Bio-safety Cartagena Protocol on Bio-Safety to the convention of biological diversity is a multilateral international protocol. It acts as a supplement to the convention of biological diversity. This

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Specifications of CITES The convention on International Trade in Endangered species of wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) is a multilateral environmental agreement. This is a global initiative among the countries to regulate the

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The Amazon rainforest is one of the largest tropical rainforests. It received a large amount of rainfall and does not have any dry season all over the year. It is the habitat of

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Every year, defence day is celebrated to appreciate the efforts of the Pakistani soldiers in the war of 1965. The efforts to protect Pakistan’s boundaries from enemies who attacked in the darkness of

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According to WHO, 99% of the population is breathing contaminated air. It leads to many diseases. United Nations General Assembly designated the 7th of September for promoting clean air. The 3rd International Day

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International Day for the preservation of the Ozone layer is celebrated on 16th September 2022 to raise awareness regarding the restoration of the ozone layer which is depleting due to the harmful impact

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Zero Emission Day is a day without emission of Greenhouse gasses and particles and effluents that harm the environment. To spend a day in an environment free of emissions, realize what we have

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To bring down peace, prosperity, and healthy living throughout the world, the United Nations introduced SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). In this, one of the important goals is to provide healthy life all over

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World River Day 2022, is celebrated to raise awareness regarding the conservation of waterways. It needs an hour to conserve the water bodies and reduce the pollution of water by making a big

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