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About WBM Foundation

WBM Foundation is the company founded to bring revolutionary and productive change in the environment. The foundation is constituted under the section 42 of company ordinance with an aim to make the environment green pure and healthier. WBM Foundation is aware of the ecological and environmental threats imposed to the world. It also acknowledge the possible consequences that are meant to confronted by the world WBM foundation is founded by the Mr. Sohail Anjum and his fellows ,who are great advocator of environment. WBM foundation aims to make Pakistan and the world green and pure .WBM is working with aim to make Pakistan green. WBM foundation takes it upon itself to become acutely aware of the local ecology of an area and the immediate threats imposed to it. We believe in direct rectification of the issue with a combination of education, litigation, and mass movement. WBM foundation takes decidedly different track for achieving its objectives from collaborating with grass root organization, educational sectors to bridging the gap between government sector, policy makers and victims of grave pollution in the city. Along the way, we have no qualms about using all the tools in the toolbox involving the legal path to bring about a positive change in the society. We are adamant about drawing attention to the most pressing issues of the society and cure them by inculcating a civic sense amongst the people about Going GREEN. We have a philosophy that no social issue is unprecedented with environmental issues and there is no problem big enough which cannot be resolved by changing the way we treat our environment. WBM foundation not only works for the Pakistan but is spread o the international world. License # 575 dated November 15, 2011 Issued by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan Foundation NTN # 4257499-4

What We Are Doing?

WBM Foundation is internationally registered organization that aims to independently advocate the ongoing global environmental concerns around the globe. We aim to highlight the degradation caused in the environment due to various human activities. We also highlight the environmental issues confronted in any specific regions with the help of the media partners. Also, we aim to present and convince their possible solution so that every individual can practice it on its own .We aim to bring revolutionary change at grass root level by educating children about cultivating civic habits which are environment-friendly. Also, we are passionate about involving children in our various activities so that they realize their individual role in bringing social reforms which are beneficial for the environment. It is well said that oceans are made by accumulation of every single droplet of water

Where We Work:

WBM Foundation is a proud internationally recognized organization and has a global impact , one of the Pakistan's largest and most experienced independent environmental organizations, with almost four million supporters, a global network active in different countries.
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