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Turn Off the Lights Sea turtle hatchlings use reflections and moonlight to navigate throughout the water. Artificial residential and commercial lighting confuses the hatchlings, directing their attention toward the shore, resulting in confusion, injury, and sometimes death. Turning off artificial lighting ensures a safe route for hatchlings. Alternatively, do your best to reduce, redirect, or limit the use of lighting for residential and commercial use. Pick Up the Trash Make an effort to collect trash when walking along the beach line. Trash and debris is left by beachgoers, fishermen, surfers, etc. Plastic bags, fishing line, and other debris poses a hazard to sea turtles both on and offshore. Turtles may get tangled in plastic or accidentally ingest harmful debris. When you collect trash, you’re not only improving the aesthetic of the beach but saving the sea turtles too. Give Them Privacy It’s understood that people think sea turtles are cute. It’s natural to grow interested when spotting hatchlings or sea turtles on the beach. However, please give them privacy and let nature take its course. Do not disturb female turtles as they beach, looking for a place to nest. Also, let hatchlings be, making sure not to disrupt their well being or course to the water. Reduce Used Chemicals Overall, the chemicals we use to wash or cars and improve our lawns gets washed in natural waters. Reducing the amount of chemicals and opting for natural solutions is better for the environment as well as all of the creatures of the ocean. We hear about water pollution at large scales (oil spills) but not as many are educated about the ultimate destination of household and commercial based water waste. Start Local One can volunteer abroad with The Great Projects, or start locally, educating neighbors about ways to protect sea turtles and other animal life. You don’t need to do anything too grand. Simply researching the topic and educating friends and family from your Facebook account is an act of activism. If you feel like you’re growing more interested in saving the sea turtles, multiple exotic destinations await you. Report Sea Turtle Activity Report sea turtle activity to the proper authorities. Doing so lessens the chance that others will disturb the turtles and hatchlings. It’s especially crucial that onlookers report situations related to sea turtle death and injury. Your call and report can mean the difference between a severe injury or sea turtle fatality.

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