Freshwater And The World
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 The importance of water:

Water is important for the whole life system.  Access to fresh water is a basic necessity of human life but its access is limited to certain human life. Fresh water is not available to underdeveloped countries and even to some cities and villages of developing countries. People are dying due to unavailability of fresh water.  Waterborne diseases are caused. After every 15 seconds, a child is killed due to water-related diseases. And more than half of the world‘s hospital beds are occupied with by the patients of water-related diseases.

The importance of water to feed the world:

Water is an important element that plays a vital role in feeding the world. Fresh water is important for good agricultural yield. Polluted water, when used in agriculture destroys the crop and vegetation harmful water if led to any agricultural site, tends to in cult in the crop some harmful unwanted chemicals which have u healthy effects on the life of consumers.

 Fresh water is needed for drinking:

We need fresh water to drink water is an essential element of the human body. More than 70 percent of the human body is made up of the water. The water we consume must be fresh and pollutant free.  But unfortunately, a major part of the world is deprived of it.  Polluted water causes various ailments in human beings. .lots of children die daily due of gastro vascular diseases due to UN healthy water consumption.


The importance of fresh water cannot be denied in any case those who are enjoying this blessing should be thankful and considerate for those who are deprived of it. We are supposed to do what we can to make the fresh water conserve for our future generation and for those who are deprived of them. We must make sure that if we have plenty of fresh water reservoirs available to us then we should not water it we should try to preserve it and conserve it. If we try to do so or paly some of our role in his regard then definitely we will be able to do some for those who are deprived of this basic necessity

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