Ways to Go Green
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Recycle waste We’re all getting savvy when it comes to properly disposing of trash, with regulations requiring us all to recycle where possible. How much time do you spend cleaning out your waste containers and making sure you put each item in the correct recycling? You should take this very seriously, as throwing things like bottles and plastics in with your main trash, means they could end up in a landfill – when instead they could be recycled and reused, helping to minimize the environmental impact. Cut down on plastics Where possible, try to avoid buying products that use a lot of plastics in packaging. One simple way to avoid packaging is to buy fresh fruit and vegetables from a market, for example, using your own bag. While we’re talking about bags, try to avoid buying them every time you go to the grocery store. Instead, invest a little money in a reusable one, which you can take back to the shop time and time again to fill with groceries. Become energy efficient If you have an older home, have you ever had an environmental survey carried out? You might want to look at things like insulation. Is there a way you could make yourself more efficient when it comes to holding in heat in the winter? It could not only help the environment by reducing your energy use, but it could also save you money too. Talking about energy, think about whether installing solar panels would be a good step forward. Again, this could help make your home more energy efficient and save you some cash in the long-run. Become more self-sufficient To help cut down on the transportation of food products, why not try to grow some of your own produce? If you have an outside garden space, think about setting aside an area to grow some fruit and vegetables. You can do this using organic methods, but make sure you look after your crops and look out for any garden or house pests that might be a threat. Companies like Go-Forth Pest Control Wilmington can help with things like that. Take some green advice If you’re serious about making some big changes around your home to make your property greener, you should speak to a specialist in the field, who can advise on what is best for you and what would bring the most benefits. You could also speak to local government agencies about any incentives or grants that might be available to make changes to your home.

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