Be A Responsible Citizen

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Imagine for a second if we woke up on a hot June day, and humidity on it’s peak and already late for work. Almost disheveled and tired. There was no electricity all night. And all you desperately needed, was a cool shower to wake you up, to start your day right, to knock some sense back into your head. But the pipes run dry, your mouth feels coarse and your heart sinks – the water is gone Now imagine if that was every day, for an insatiable amount of time. How drastically our lives would change.

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Keep Clean on this Eid

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The festival of Eid-ul-Azha marks beginning of a new month in the Islamic lunar calendar. It is a festival of unity, brotherhood, peace and love. While Eid celebrations are in the offing, the food delicacies and new clothing will be much talked about in every home. Eid brings us together with congregational prayers in Masjids, open areas and parks, get-together of families and friends at home or restaurants, helping and serving the less advantaged.

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Go Green, Grow Green awareness campaign at West Wood Society

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WBM Foundation has arranged Plantation Activity on 18-8-18 with collaboration of MY SCHOOL and Chief Fabrics (PVT)LTD. to enhance love with nature and to develop the habit to make environment green and clean. Students came early morning in the ground area to plant Neem, Jamun, sukh chain plants. Students were so excited to do this activity and WBM Foundation has also arranges a seminar for them. Kids take active participation in the activity by performing on different songs on Independence Day. This Plantation Activity has helped to enhance the sense of responsibility and care. This activity will help to teach them the growing cycle of plants when they come every day in school and work on the ground area .This activity is very effective for their upbringing. Volunteers also take active part in this activity .Mr. Luqman Ahmad jajja and Miss Fazila Environmental Engineer from WBM FOUNDATION give brief introduction on environmental awareness. President West wood society, President and CEO of Go Green, Grow Green society and director my school Rizwana abid also give brief introduction about environment importance.

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Laboratory examination: Send out a water example to any type of research laboratory which will certainly determine the amount of calcium and also magnesium existing in it. When the quantity of calcium carbonate is much less compared to 61mg/liter compared to it is taken into consideration as soft water, any type of water which has quantity over 61-120 mg/liter is referred to as hard water. When the quantity of calcium carbonate is raised to 121-120mg/ l it will certainly come to be reasonably hard water, 121-180mg/ l is referred to as hard water as well as the last phase is long-term hard water with above 180 mg/l.

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Soil is constituted of minerals, liquids, gases, organic matter and living organisms which help to survive life on this earth.

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