How to stay safe in Smog

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Here is the list of precautions which can be followed during smog.

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The end of the system, the new government's old way

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Like other South Asian countries, winter conditions have been causing severe problems in many areas of Pakistan, especially in South and Central Punjab. Due to the deep layers of the sea, not only normal life is affected, but also the intensity of respiratory diseases. Despite the problems facing the Deep Swamp since the past two years since October to December, Punjab and Central governments did not take any appropriate plan to deal with this situation in 2018 even though Nepal belonged to Nepal last September. A few international specialists visited the areas of South Punjab, where more than 2,000 traditional brick-lifts are on. They are causing extreme toxic smoke in the deeper air and cause contaminated pollution. According to Nepalese experts, cooking around 1000 bricks in coal-fired volleyballs, about 2 kilograms of toxic smoke are fired in the atmosphere which causes deep flames combined with fog in the winter. The coal-fired bricks were somehow as a result of severe pollution in other countries of South Asia. But this was introduced to introduce a new technology called 'Zigz Technology.' It decreases the percentage of smoke out of 40%.

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European parliament backs single-use plastics ban

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The European Parliament has voted to ban a range of single-use plastics such as straws, cotton buds and cutlery and to ensure most bottles are recycled in a bid to curb ocean pollution. Under the proposal, 10 single-use plastic products would be banned by 2021 and EU states obliged to recycle 90% of plastic bottles by 2025. After the vote was carried by 571-53 on Wednesday, the Member of the European Parliament (MEP) who proposed the bill, Frederique Ries, tweeted that it was "a victory for our oceans, for the environment and for future generations." "We have adopted the most ambitious legislation against single-use plastics," she was quoted as saying in a statement posted on the parliament's website. "It is essential in order to protect the marine environment and reduce the costs of environmental damage attributed to plastic pollution in Europe, estimated at 22 billion euros ($25bn) by 2030

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Climate Change

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Climate is weather conditions which are constant for a long period of time. These conditions have to be stable as the organisms directly depend on it. Any sudden, or even gradual, changes experienced effects the whole ecosystems. While visiting Matiltan near Mahodand Lake, Swat we were asked not to go forward, as the road was blocked by a slipped glacier, which melted into a considerably large area. I found out that it was not even a big glacier, which led me to realization that if a small glacier melting can cover such an area than what would be the impact of the big glaciers if they melt. According to a survey, 52 big glaciers in Hindukush, Himalayas and Karakorum may possibly melt in the coming seasons due to recent fluctuations in the weather conditions (Pakistan Journal of Meteorology, 2015). This leads to the question that why are we facing such changes and why is the ice/snow in the cold regions on the verge of melting? The answer is simple and clear – changes in climate are solely induced by anthropogenic activities.

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Not all of us are lucky enough to grow bottle palms in our homes, but for those lucky of us who can, what a treat for them. These plants have their name due to the trunk’s strong resemblance to a bottle. The trunk is swollen and have rounded shape when young and becoming more elongated as the palm matures. Bottle palm referred to a true palm that is native to the Mascarene Islands where warm, soothy temperatures and loose, sandy soil form the plant’s habitat. Bottle palm plantation in northern climates is not recommended, as they are not frost hardy. Southern gardeners, however, should know how to grow a bottle palm tree and how to use this unique and beautiful tropical plant. Introduction These Plants have an ability to develop all sorts of amazing adaptations to help them survive. Bottle palm trees have progress with thickened trunks topped with scaly crowns. The purpose is unclear but might have been it’s a natural water storage device. Whatever the reason, the trunk makes for a standout profile in the garden or even as a potted plant. Caring of a bottle palm tree is a low maintenance chore due to its slow growth and drought tolerance ability once established. The bottle palm is a true palm tree in the family of Arecaceae. Its scientific name is Hyophorbe lagenicaulis. The last part of the name of the bottle palm is from two Greek words, ‘lagen’ meaning flask and ‘caulis’ meaning stem.These palms only get 10 feet in height but sport fronds (leaf of a palm) that may grow 12 feet in length with 2-foot long leaflets. The trunk is smooth and grayish white topped with thin leaf scars from old, departed fronds.

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