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GROW Festival & Launch of Climate Public Expenditure Review (CPER)

All the provinces of Pakistan need to focus on integration of climate risk and resilience into national infrastructure policies, plans and projects. Increasing the resilience of existing and new infrastructure will be needed in those districts of the province, which are hit earliest and hardest by climate impacts. Second, these plans and projects should be consistent with the national as well as international climate pledges. Post development 2015 agenda targets by 2020, “increase the number of cities and human elements adoring and implement integrated policies and plans towards inclusion, resource efficiency,migration and adaption to climate change, resilience to disasters, develop and implement in line with the forthcoming Hyogo Framework holistic disaster risk management at all levels”. This is also reflected in pillar 2 of vision 2025, which targets to“promote mechanisms for raising capacities for effective climate change related planning and management, in LDC s, including focusing on women, youth, local and marginalized communities”

  • Event Date:  13Dec
  • Start Time:    09.30 AM
  • Location:       CEES DPT, Punjab University