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World Soil Day - Soil Erosion And Vegetation

Program Started as Scheduled at 2:00: PM 

After the Recitation of Holy Quran, a Presentation was given on the Importance of Soil by Muhammad Umair (Msc. Environmental Science Student).He described soil’s impact on environment, physical features, contamination of soil, soil biodiversity and its effect on our life.  Another Presentation was given on Soil Erosion and Vegetation given by Miss Rutaba (MS Student of Environmental Sciences)

She described consequences of deforestation, how soil is being eroded, types of soil erosion and importance of plantation.

Later a short documentary was shown to the participants for their understanding of current scenario of unhealthy soil of Pakistan. It was about soil pollution, contamination of Earth, how to control soil and water pollution, trees/plants must be grown for keeping in view of the compatibility of soil quality.

Soil is enriched with life so we should avoid polluting soil. 

Later a brief speech was given by WBM Foundation

Co-ordinator Mr. Shoaib Aslam.

He introduced our organization to the audience. He also spoke about the soil day celebration along with the importance of soil.

Conclusion Speech was given by Head of Department Environmental Sciences Dr. Sajjad Ahmad.

He too spoke and briefly described about the soil and its impotence to mankind.

Later he appreciated the initiative taken by WBM Foundation and spoke in high regard. He greatly admired the efforts of WBM Foundation and promised that in collaboration with WBM Foundation, the University of Lahore will Inshallah conduct such seminars in short future as well.

Later a souvenir was presented by Ms. ZarnigarKhan ,WBM Communication Manager to Dr. Sajjad Ahmad.        

Seminar Outcome:

From WBM Foundation, Miss Zarnigar Khan invited all the students to work with the Foundation as volunteers.         

Later after the seminar, Dr. Sajjad Ahmad and his team briefly had a meeting with WBM Foundation team.

The meeting was another good session where Dr. Sajjad openly offered his full support to WBM Foundation’s all future initiative towards protecting the environment.              

Dr. Sajjad and his team also gave very good suggestions and promised to send good environment specialists speakers in our future seminars.   

Overall it was a very successful event. All the participants, presenters, University department head and WBM Foundation team thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated this awareness campaign.            

  • Event Date:  28Dec
  • Start Time:    09.30 AM
  • Location:       New Campus University Of Lahore 1 km Defence Road