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World Solar Day

SolarDay and Developing Countries Through SolarDay’s Light the Night™ and Solar Villages™ programs, use low-cost solar as a tool for beneficial changes in the developing nations who need electricity for the most basic of functions: 1 – Provide electricity to pump clean water, 2 – Provide electricity to process crops, enable telephone and internet communication, enable solar-generated, battery-powered lighting for adults and children in villages all over the world – from India to Indonesia, Africa to South America – to learn at night, conduct commerce and improve their lives. 3 – Provide basic electricity and lighting to small villages currently without electricity and far from power lines for the most basic of needs which those of us in the developed countries take for granted. 4 – Work with solar manufacturers and the solar trade organizations in the developed countries in partnership with the United Nations, non-profit organizations and NGO’s to identify the areas of greatest need to implement these beneficial programs. For SolarDay Partners, Sponsors and Governments Your support of the second year of SolarDay as a sponsor benefits you as a green citizen of the business community. It also enables us to further grow SolarDay into a national and worldwide day or recognition of the best green and sustainable practices. Your support of SolarDay enables us and others to actively pursue these worthy objectives for the good of the world and its people. Thank you.

  • Event Date:  09Aug
  • Start Time:    09.30 AM
  • Location:       Nationwide