Zero WASTE challenge

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Why not trying a 30-day shopping free challenge? Of course you can do it .This year (when the quarantine is over), join a zero-waste challenge ????
It is great fun, and can be a creative way to start new habits to help the planet.

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Do Tea bags are good for your health?

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Tea bag vs common tea

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Plastic Free Kitchen

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What you can do

Simply you can do is choose to refuse single-use plastics in your workplace’s kitchen.

How you can do it

To begin with, do an inventory of all the single-use plastic items found in your workplace’s kitchen. You may be surprised by just how many there are. So these include plastic cutlery, plastic plates, bowls and cups, bin bags, biscuit packets, teabags, and water bottles. Therefore, keep this list for future reference in a few weeks or months, it may serve as a reminder of all the impact you’ve had.

After your list is complete, start by choosing one item and thinking of an easy alternative. There’s plenty of information, or a friend, colleague or family member may have ideas.

Try and avoid replacing single-use plastics for single-use cardboard, bamboo or “compostable plastic”. Instead, swap items for reusable alternatives, such as ceramic mugs, stainless steel cutlery and glass cups.

Once you’ve got everyone used to one change, start the conversation about picking another item. Through this method, you can slowly make your way towards a plastic free kitchen at work.

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Ocean Pollution

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Cigerette butt cause ocean pollution.

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