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Drug Abuse Awareness Seminar

WBM Foundation executive director Ch.Sohail Anjum highlights the negative effects of drug addiction and its mitigation measures.A good nation can be prosperous by doing tree plantation and making its environment beautiful

Cleanliness Drive with Albayrak

WBM Foundation conducted Cleanliness Drive with Al-Byrak. First the ground was cleanliness with the help of volunteers and then Walk campaign was conducted with the volunteers

World Earth Day

“In nature, nothing exists alone.” The theme for Earth Day 2019 is 'Protect Our Species'.

Earth Day 2019 ''Save The Species''

WBM Foundation celebrated earth day at Superior University Gold Campus on 22nd April 2019.The theme for Earth Day 2019 is 'Protect Our Species'.

International Forest Day 2019

WBM Foundation Celebrated World Forest Day 2019 with theme ''Forests and Education'' in Changa Manga Lahore.A massive plantation has been conducted with collaboration of Punjab Forest Department!

New Year Resolution of Environment Protection

WBM Foundation is keen to make environment clean and healthy by doing plantation.WBM Foundation want's to make this earth green.

Plant's Distribution Campaign in Hum Masala Family Festival

Pakistan’s biggest and much anticipated family festival, Masala Family Festival 2018, culminated with accolades from the huge number of visitors.

Let's Plat A Tree Campaign with Special Kids

“When a child plants a tree or a shrub, it doesn’t just help the environment and wildlife but can also have a really positive impact on the child and their community''

Tree plantation drive at West Wood Park

WBM Foundation donate 1000 trees to West Wood Park to enhance the beauty of Park.

Tree Plantation at West Wood Park

#WBMFoundation has arranged #Plantation Activity on 18-8-18 with collaboration of #MYSCHOOL.


WBM Foundation with collaboration of Lahore chamber of commerce conduct a seminar on EDUCATION & INDUSTRY ACADEMIC LINKAGES AND BIOTECHNOLOGY &GENETIC ENGINEERING AT LCCI on date 28th July 2018.

WBM Foundation and Lahore Press Club jointly organised a special event to honour journalists’ children

wbm Foundation executive director Ch Luqman Jajjah, Ch Ghulam Abbas, LPC President Azam Ch, senior journalist Syed Shoaibuddin also attended the event.