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Save Birds Day
  • 10:00 a.m - 6:00 p.m
  • Nationwide

In 2013, Environment Canada published a series of papers describing bird mortality from various human activities. The numbers are shocking. Predation by owned and feral cats causes roughly 100 to 350 million bird deaths annually. Twenty-five million birds die from striking windows each year. A similar number die from colliding with transmission lines. Every year, vehicle collisions account for about 14 million bird deaths, communication towers 221,000, and wind energy turbines kill about 45,000. These activities are not intended to kill birds. Mortality is “incidental” to the activity. These numbers are staggering and demand action, even though they are initial estimates and more scientific research would be beneficial. Nature Canada believes that it is time Canadians understand how many birds die as a direct result of our choices and actions. Together, we can save bird lives, one action and one decision at a time, day by day. We can promote positive actions, and work with all levels of society to make Canada a safer place for wild birds. Click through the tabs above to learn more about the issues threatening birds across Canada – and how you can help!