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Allama Muhammad Iqbal is one of the most celebrated poets and philosophers of the Islamic world. He is known for his inspiring poetry, which called for Muslims to reclaim their lost glory and

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Have you heard of Green Living? In recent years, the term “eco-friendly” means everything around us. This has been used for many practices and products. By understanding the term eco-friendly, we can move

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“Soils: Where food begins” are of great importance for a healthier ecosystem and the well-being of human beings. But soil degradation threatened the soil which is a source of nutrients, food security, and

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 International Mountain Day (IMD)is celebrated every year on the 11th of December. This day is celebrated to custodians of the mountainous resources, managing the biodiversity and resources of medicines. This year 2022 IMD

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Smog is a poisonous gas, produced by humans to kill themselves.  Introduction to Photochemical smog Smog is the combination of two terms smoke and fog. Photochemical smog is the type of smog that

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Ozone Action Day is organized annually to raise awareness regarding protecting the environment from ozone consequences on the ground level.  This day aims to recognize the pollutant that promotes the formation of ozone

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Natural Resources naturally exist on the planet earth and are independent of human actions. These resources present in the environment have no interventions for human beings. The natural occurring materials are useful for

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International Cheetah Day is on the 4th of December organized every year to stand out for the conservation of the speed machine of nature- the Cheetah. This Day is organized to conserve nature,

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International Jaguar Day is organized to celebrate the sustainability of the old cultural heritage of central and South America, in the form of Jaguar. Jaguar is the largest wild Cat in America. International

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Wars and internal conflicts are serious threats whose consequences are faced in form of destruction of the environment or ecosystem. To prevent the destruction of the ecosystem, United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) organized

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