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Water scarcity can mean the lack of enough water or lack of access to safe water. The water sources are rapidly running dry and creating a global crisis for living beings on the

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Air pollution is the presence of harmful substances within the atmosphere that are dangerous to live beings or cause harm to the climate. The rapid growth in industry, population, and urbanization has caused

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Sustainability focuses on addressing current needs without risking future generations' ability to meet their own. Globally, temperatures are rising as the Earth enters a time of rapid climate change. Climate change will alter

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Fresh water is essential to all life on earth,whether it be plants,animals or humans. The production of food, energy, and consumer products takes a great deal of water, which is in fact called

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Adapting environmental friendly habits in our home and lifestyle not only helps us economically, but also helps us play an integral part towards giving back to the nature and protecting it. The purpose