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Seriously, Environmental pollution is no ordinary term. Rather, it has large implications on the very environment that ensures our wellbeing. When our environment is contaminated due to various contaminants, it is called Environmental

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Countries like Pakistan, where social norms are a bit scarce; it is very hard to encourage people to adopt a recycling culture. In general, people with literally no awareness, presumptuously say that recycling

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INTRODUCTION The wooden plants and the crop residuesthat have no timber value are the tremendous sources of biomass energy that can be utilized as fuel as well as gas production. By burning crop

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INTRODUCTION - Moringa oleifera Moringa is a highly valued plant and it is grown in the sub-Himalayan areas of Pakistan. It is also native to the tropics. It has various names but in Pakistan,

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The term agroforestry is derived from agriculture and forestry. It is the combination of agriculture and forestry through the integration of trees on farmland. It increased social economic and environmental benefits. There are

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WBM Foundation have distributed 2000 plants of rose, jamun, sunflower, moringa, marry gold to mitigate smog issue.

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Being an emerging superpower and one of the largest countries on earth, China’s impact on world’s climate is massive. It is thickly populated and a country of millions of people. It is infact

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Should it matter to human beings that other living organisms are disappearing from the world? Many think so. Human beings depend completely on plants and animals for their survival on the planet. Therefore,

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Water is a crucial part of life and ensures the survival of living being on earth. Three vital resources necessary for life on earth are air, water, and food. The use of resources

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WBM Foundation participated at UMT Career Fair and distributed plants among students and offer jobs there.