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Glam Fest’22 is the first-ever biggest beauty & fashion shopping event hosted by Bagallery. The Bagallery hosted Glam fest’22 from 25th to 26th June 2022. This biggest fest is organized at the Expo

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World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated to conserve nature. Nature has its own color and beauty. Discourage anthropogenic activities that destroy the natural environment. For healthy life and lifestyle, it is necessary to

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The mangrove ecosystem is the habitat of thousands of species of fish and the livelihood of millions of people. But this mangrove ecosystem is degraded. Almost half of the mangrove ecosystem is degraded

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World Rainforest Day is celebrated on 22nd June every year to raise awareness regarding the conservation of the world’s largest forest land with a high amount of rainfall. The development of industrialization and

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World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought is celebrated to discourage the overuse of land. Over farming on land make it unfertile. This day is also organized to appreciate the efforts to combat

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How can we safeguard the plantation? There is minimal or no fire risk where there is insufficient combustible material to allow a ground fire to ignite, according to a key principle in fire

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The plantation of trees is as important nowadays as important to breathe for life. Plantation Tree The plantation of trees is a noble cause. The plantation is only one solution to protect our

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WBM Foundation is organizing an event to celebrate post-World Environment Day in GCU, Lahore on 6th June 2022 with the collaboration of the Environmental protection department (EPD). WBM Foundation always stands by its

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WBM Foundation is organizing an event on 7th June 2022 in the College of Earth and Environmental Sciences Department, Punjab University, Lahore to celebrate World Environmental Day. Guests talk, tree plantation, photography competition,

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Cougar is the Second largest Cat after Jaguar. Cougar is the native cat of America. 12th June is celebrated as National Cougar Day to conserve this specie from extinction. This day is celebrated