Air pollution in Delhi

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People can’t breathe in Delhi because of the smog issues. It is a public health emergency as pollutants in the air have spiked to extremely toxic levels. Officially, the air quality is in the severe+ zone, which means that it is bad for even the healthy, forget about what it will do to our children, aged and the already vulnerable. But what I want to discuss is why and what can we do — without the clamor and the politics that in its own way is contaminating the airs today.

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...... However the poverty enters as a second factor with first to be the population size as large population puts huge amount to generate and serve. But it is better to say that both these factors go hand to hand. Timor-Leste is one example of the poorest countries of Asia with a population of 1.2 million of which 1/3 suffers chronic food insecurity. Above it we can list Yemen which has recently ranked as the world worst humanitarian crisis with food insecurity risen to about 20 million across the country with 10 million facing extreme levels of hunger, these figures have led to the UN declaring Yemen as the world’s largest food security crisis.....

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Plastic bags supposed to help the planet

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Plastic bags seem to be one of the most hated things on the planet. But you know when it comes to things like climate change. Paper and cotton bags are actually much worse for the planet than plastic. When people look at environmental impacts, they tend to focus right at the end of the life cycle analysis. They see the plastic pollution that’s a massive problem but what far fewer people see is right at the beginning of the production side

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Bulk Food Shopping

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Bulk food shopping Often pre-packaged food and drinks can be avoided by shopping at a bulk food store or choosing the loose option at the grocery store. What you can do Choose to refuse groceries that use single-use plastic packaging.

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The Final Cry

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They are out at strikes demanding for clean and green environment which they claim as to be their right, but who will own up to their responsibilities- to put an effort to make a difference and who will own up to the fact that how much have they contributed in this disaster to take place. Just think for a while of how many times have you resist not to slide your window down to though the rappers or bottle out, can you tell how many times have you get up to walk towards the sink to wash your hands and to not use a paper towel, did you ever not use your private transport and instead choose public transport; only for sake of “giving out less CO2” , how many times have you yourself plant a tree and not ask your gardener to do this, do u remember how many times have you  not use plastic straws but drink juice at the canteen without it? Hardly right? so sir sorry you don’t have the right to complain about it, but rather it’s our next generation who are suffering; its they

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