Amazon Forest on Fire

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The news sparkling around is Amazon forest is burning up at an alarming rate. The Satellite images published by NASA is showing the devastating fires in the Amazon between the borders of Paraguay and Brazil and is totally destroying it. These images just found out after a week when the director of Brazil’s National Space Research Institute (INPE) dismissed order released by by Jair government in the midst of a controversy over its satellite data. The images showed a devastating rise in Amazon deforestation, which the far-right government vehemently denied and dismissed as “lies” and didn’t listen to it.

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Eco - Alternatives

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Balloons & decorations WBM Foundation comes up with new ideas. Today topic is how we can celebrate birthday parties and other picnic parties in an environmental friendly way. Swapping balloons and other single-use plastic party decorations for reusable and eco alternatives is the way to celebrate in style without having a devastating impact on the environment.

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Plastic Free Picnic

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Plastic free picnic WBM Foundation always cares about its environment. WBM Foundation main aims to give public awareness. So today we are discussing that food can really bring a community together, so what better to inspire people to choose to refuse single-use plastics than with a (plastic-free, of course) picnic.

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Take Away Cofee Cups

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Most coffee cups aren’t recycled. By bringing your own reusable coffee cup, or taking the time to dine-in at your favorite café, you can make a huge difference.

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Plastic Free Dental Care

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You can go plastic-free with your dental care, by finding more sustainable alternatives to toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss.

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