Fruit & vegetables

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What you can do Choose to refuse pre-packed fruit and vegetables. How you can do it Buying plastic-wrapped or packaged fruits and vegetables can be convenient, but unfortunately it creates plastic waste. Instead, look out for loose fruit and vegetables in your local grocery store, or head to a farmers market or organic store where plastic packaging is less often used.

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Air Quality of Lahore turns Unhealthy

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Smog reached very unhealthy levels (as per the US Consulate readings) in Lahore on Wednesday, worsening eye and throat sores people have been suffering since the beginning of the annual menace around a week ago. According to the Met department website, (which also quoted the US Consulate readings) the level of air quality index (AQI) in Lahore was 257 (very unhealthy). US Consulate Twitter account nevertheless indicated much higher figures at different points in the city in the morning. They showed 506 AQI at the US Consulate, 498 in Gulberg, 491 at Punjab Assembly, 489 at Liberty Market, 453 at Upper Mall, 384 in Allama Iqbal Town’s Zeenat Block and 395 at Sundar Industrial Estate.

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Air Pollution in Pakistan

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 4 million people around the world succumb to air pollution-related illnesses on an annual basis, due to toxic air quality levels that go well beyond the standard guidelines outlined by the WHO.

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Air pollution in Delhi

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People can’t breathe in Delhi because of the smog issues. It is a public health emergency as pollutants in the air have spiked to extremely toxic levels. Officially, the air quality is in the severe+ zone, which means that it is bad for even the healthy, forget about what it will do to our children, aged and the already vulnerable. But what I want to discuss is why and what can we do — without the clamor and the politics that in its own way is contaminating the airs today.

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...... However the poverty enters as a second factor with first to be the population size as large population puts huge amount to generate and serve. But it is better to say that both these factors go hand to hand. Timor-Leste is one example of the poorest countries of Asia with a population of 1.2 million of which 1/3 suffers chronic food insecurity. Above it we can list Yemen which has recently ranked as the world worst humanitarian crisis with food insecurity risen to about 20 million across the country with 10 million facing extreme levels of hunger, these figures have led to the UN declaring Yemen as the world’s largest food security crisis.....

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