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Have you heard of Green Living? In recent years, the term “eco-friendly” means everything around us. This has been used for many practices and products. By understanding the term eco-friendly, we can move

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Natural Resources naturally exist on the planet earth and are independent of human actions. These resources present in the environment have no interventions for human beings. The natural occurring materials are useful for

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Smog is a poisonous gas, produced by humans to kill themselves.  Introduction to Photochemical smog Smog is the combination of two terms smoke and fog. Photochemical smog is the type of smog that

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Deadly Flood in Pakistan 2022 affected 33 million people, a population greater than the population of Malaysia. Impact of Flood Since June 2022, Pakistan endured high humanitarian, developmental, and food crises due to

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Catastrophic Flood Flood in Pakistan 2022 is a catastrophic flood in the history of Pakistan. This year in Pakistan catastrophic flood drowned one-third country in water. This destructive flood impacted 330 million people

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Introduction to Montreal Protocol Montreal protocol on ozone-depleting substances is a phase-out plan for the production and consumption of chemicals that harm the ozone layer. Montreal protocol is one of the important global

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Ozone-Depleting Substances (ODS) Ozone is the protective layer that shields the earth from the harmful rays of the sun. This thin layer of ozone lies in the stratosphere region of the atmosphere. But

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Introduction of Cartagena protocol on Bio-safety Cartagena Protocol on Bio-Safety to the convention of biological diversity is a multilateral international protocol. It acts as a supplement to the convention of biological diversity. This

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Specifications of CITES The convention on International Trade in Endangered species of wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) is a multilateral environmental agreement. This is a global initiative among the countries to regulate the

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MEAS (Multilateral Environmental Agreements) is the conventions/protocols or agreements on environmental issues. MEAS are ratified by three or more countries. Signatory conventions between Pakistan and other states are classified into five categories. Forestry