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World migratory bird day is organized twice a year in May or October. This day is organized for the annual awareness-raising campaign all over the world. World Migratory Bird Day is organized nationally

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Multilateral Environment Agreement The international agreement between three or more countries for the protection of the environment is called a Multilateral Environment Agreement (MEAS). These agreements have a goal of sustainability in the

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Introduction WBM Foundation WBM Foundation is Lahore based Non-Government and Non- Profit organization. WBM Foundation is a company set up under section 42 of the companies Act, 2017(Repealed Ordinance 1984). It has been

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Skin Disorders Caused By Air Pollution: The skin is the outermost layer of the human body and is responsible for protecting the underlying muscles, ligaments, and other internal organs. Besides, the skin also

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The Earth is comprised of more than 70 percent of water. The huge amount of water is in the form of oceans. Water bodies like rivers, canals, lakes, etc. and oceans are natural

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Climate change and global warming are basically global warnings. Global warming means enhancement in average temperatures of the globe. Human activities and natural events are thought to be contributing to an alarming level

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Ozone is a very minute chemical compound on the Earth’s atmosphere. However, it plays a significant role in the sustainability if life on Earth. The ozone layer absorbs the most powerful ultraviolet radiations.

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One of the most highlighting traits of the biota of earth is its unique diversity that includes approximately 10 million species of different kinds. The most conspicuous parameter of destructive global change is

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A recent developing story from UK about air pollution and the dangerous emissions, which are risking people’s lives is making a huge noise among the modern world. A law firm “ClientEarth” is seeking

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Pakistan is incessantly developing and making progress by leaps and bounds, however, on the other side, the very positive change is creating harms at a higher level and one of the main problems