March 15, 2022 WBM Foundation Comments Off

Take The Initiative Make It Bold and In Sustainable Manner

Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April of every year. Earth day is celebrated to raise awareness regarding the Environment of the Earth and the importance of protecting it. Billions of people across the globe join together to raise awareness regarding Earth.  Earth is the only planet on which life exists. So, there is a need to protect it and make it liveable. The theme of this year for Earth Day is INVEST IN OUR PLANET.

Earth Day is celebrated to make it loud to take the initiative today for the earth rather than expecting anything from the earth for us. Take steps for life, for our environment, and our earth. Every individual, each firm or business, or each government has a voice. This time required to make it loud to hear it on this planet.

Save The Earth!!

Our Planet, Our Earth-facing horrible circumstances, surviving through conditions that make its life short. Overpopulation, urbanization, and industrialization make the environment contaminated, losing the habitat of wildlife and making it difficult for life to survive on Earth’s healthy life. It is need of an hour to save our planet from contamination, pollution and take a step, make it bold, and decided to execute sustainably to make it clean, healthy to survive. Invest our ideas, our efforts to save Mother Earth.

To build a sustainable future, there is a need to work on Green Economy, promote it on the individual, local, national, and international level to make not only our area, not only our country, make our planet green, healthy and beautiful. Encourage individuals, institutions, and industries to move toward sustainable green policy. Implemented it in their activities for a sustainable present for us and our future generations.

In the race of success and competition, human beings through their anthropogenic activities harm the environment, pollute it and make it uninhabited. Polluting Land through producing large heaps of waste. Polluting Water by releasing wastewater and industrial wastewater in water bodies. Pollute the air by releasing harmful gasses into the air. Even Fresh air, clean water, and natural habitat is going to be disturbed on this Earth.

Role of WBM Foundation

To raise awareness regarding the restoration of the ecosystem, make our environment healthy, WBM Foundation plays an important role. WBM Foundation works on and believes in the green economy. For this purpose, inducted many plantations drives with the collaboration of different organizations, companies, and institutions. Playing role in making Pakistan Green and Clean, Collaborating Government Forest Department, Pakistan in completing the project of Ten Billion Tsunami Project. Make the Earth, a peaceful, happy, and clean place many activities are performed to aware people regarding the significance of the earth.

WBM Foundation celebrated Earth Day for Spreading awareness regarding the restoration of the ecosystem and making it functional with the motto:

Each One Plant One

Believe in Green Economy, Green lifestyle and promoting it on National and international level all over worldwide.

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