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Forest and Sustainable Production and Consumption

Forest and Sustainable Production and Consumption

March 15, 2022 WBM Foundation Comments Off


Significance of forests

Forests are green giants essential for people, climate, and biodiversity. Forest is necessary for healthy living and for the things that we use during their survival. Forest are lungs of environment. Make the environment pollution free, absorbing pollutants providing healthy air to breathe in. Filter particles and substances from the air, highly affected the climatic pattern. Change in climatic patterns affected people, their lifestyle, and the economy of a country. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth assessment report, Pakistan is like an agricultural country dependent on the sensitivity of climate, threaten due to change in climate patterns. Forest is the habitat of wildlife and for a variety of plants species (biodiversity). Destruction of forests increases the risk of extinction of biodiversity. More than three-quarters of world life has a forest habitat. Destruction of forests means destroying the habitat of life in the world and threatening their survival.

Causes of Deforestation

Having enormous significance but the forest is still going to be removed, converting forest land into non-forest land for anthropogenic activities. Forests are converted into non-forest land for providing facilities to human settlements, food, fuel, medicine, industrial material, and helping in their livelihood. Pakistan forested land should be 5.1 % of the land but unfortunately 2.2% of total land comprising of forests. The annual rate of deforestation in Pakistan is 1.63%.

Importance of Afforestation

Due to excessive pressure of demand of wood products, having significance in terms of a healthy environment for living organisms. There is a need to restore forest or afforestation and sustainable production and consumption of wood to provide a healthy lifestyle to people, preventing a change in climatic pattern and protecting biodiversity habitat.

Production of Sustainable Product

Plastic is an environment polluting material that takes approximately 400 years to degrade. Excessive use of plastic pollutes and harms life on earth. Forests are used for the sustainable production of products without compromising natural resources and providing non-polluting (eco-friendly) products to the consumer in replacement of plastic and many other materials that harm the environment and create huge land of waste.

Forest and Sustainable Production and Consumption
Forest and Sustainable Production and Consumption

Sustainable consumption of woods

According to Green Group WWF, Pakistan is a “forest poor” country. Forests cover less than 6% of the total land of Pakistan. Sustainable production, as well as sustainable consumption of wood products, is necessary to decrease the rate of deforestation, protect the environment from harmful substances, restore the ecosystem and protect forests. Sustainability prevents natural resources to exploit in the upcoming days for future generations. Sustainable products production and consumption are having large importance in this year’s theme as they polluted the environment to a larger extent and caused depletion of natural resources. Natural resources are worthy as the country’s economy relies on them.

International Day of Forests

International Day of Forest (IDF) is celebrated on 21st March proclaimed by United Nations General Assembly to spread awareness about the importance of Forest locally, nationally, and internationally. Promote the plantation, greenery, and use of woods for sustainable production and their consumption in the country and worldwide.

Projects Regarding Environment restoration

Considering consequences of deforestation in Pakistan rather in terms of pollution, loss of economy, habitat loss and many other bad effects. The government played an important role in countering the bad effects of deforestation, promoting afforestation by launching Pakistan’s largest tree Plantation Drive. Having the ambitious plan to plant billions of tresses across the country. WBM Foundation is working on Billion Tree Tsunami Project which supports the government to increase ecosystem restoration and as well as protecting the environment by planting trees. For this purpose, many plantation drives were organized and are currently organized by the WBM foundation in schools, colleges, universities, and different areas of Pakistan. Promoting the protection of the environment on national as well as internationally.


Afforestation is the need of this hour for not only Pakistan but also for the whole world. Afforestation brings out the whole world from bad consequences of polluted environment helps in the survival of diverse biodiversity.  WBM works on afforestation with the motto of Each One Plant One with the collaboration of the Government Forest Department. Spread awareness regarding plantations and the importance of forests in our country.  Planting more plants makes our environment healthy and beautiful.

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