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Ground Water-Make the Invisible Visible

Ground Water-Make the Invisible Visible

March 22, 2022 WBM Foundation Comments Off

Protect Freshwater, Protect A Precious Resource of World, Protect life on Earth

Water is an essential element for life on earth, without water life cannot exist on earth. Water is a precious resource of the world. Water not only fuels up us for our daily routine but helps us in our daily life activities and is also used in industries providing the necessities of life. Groundwater is the base habitat of aquatic life.

Classification of Water

Our Earth comprising of 71% of the water. Water on earth is broadly classified as fresh water and seawater. 97 % of the world’s water is found in the ocean and only 3% of water is freshwater. Freshwater is the habitat of 10% of known animals and 40 of known species of fish which is less than 1% of the total surface area of the total land of the world. Freshwater is found in the form of groundwater, rivers, lakes, glaciers, and ice caps. While 69% of water in form of glaciers, ice caps, and snow melts, and rivers contain only 1% of water. 30 % of freshwater is groundwater contained in aquifers.

Importance of Ground Water

Groundwater is an Essential Invisible Resource for the nations and necessary for the economy of the Country. Groundwater is quality-wise good water. Groundwater is the source of 35% of the water supplied by different departments across the country to households, commercial, or business zones of the country with little investment. Groundwater also supplies agricultural land for irrigation and is almost used as 43% as irrigation water. And to industries of the country such as taking part in industrialization.

Groundwater is a limited resource that is recharged by rain, snow melting, and if crops are irrigated with more water that leaks down into the ground. Beneath the ground surface, the saturated zone upper’s surface is called the water table. According to demand, water is extracted from the underground for specific purposes. But with an increase in population, the water demand for survival rapidly increases. The greater amount of water is extracted in greater amount rather than recharging capabilities. As a result of which level of the water table falls from a specific level. This overexploitation of water is threatening for the country or nations.

Groundwater is invisible to us but its scarcity has a visible impact on future generations.

Water that is supplied for domestic and commercial purposes is surface water and groundwater according to the availability of the resources in that specific area. The supply of surface water required larger investment rather than groundwater. 

Reason of Water Crisis

Pakistan is a nation that faces a water crisis. Shortage of fresh water in the country due to urbanization, overpopulation, unequal distribution of water, improper management, the lack of the system of storage of water. The most important is less awareness regarding the conservation of water. Due to this a larger amount of fresh water is used and producing a huge amount of municipal and industrial wastewater in Pakistan. That is further drained out in rivers and oceans and pollutes the natural resource of water. Municipal and industrial wastewater is released into water bodies and hurts aquatic life. Wastewater not only contaminates the aquatic ecosystem but also contaminated aquatic life. Contamination of one tropic level makes the whole food chain contaminated. It directly affects the whole series of the food web not only affect the aquatic life affected wildlife and human beings.

Conservation of water

Overexploitation of natural resources for anthropogenic activities results in a larger impact on life including human beings, animals, and aquatic life. So, we must use water wisely and play an important role in the conservation of water.

World Water Day

World Water Day is celebrated on 22nd March to spread awareness regarding the significance of fresh water and the importance of conservation of water for the country.

Role of WBM Foundation WBM Foundation plays an important role by spreading awareness regarding the importance of the conservation of water. Different Campaigns and seminars organized by the WBM foundation are organized to promote the restoration of the ecosystem. WBM Foundation celebrated World Water Day every year to raise awareness and significance regarding water resources. Raise significance of availability of clean water for healthy life on Earth. Raise awareness regarding the method of conserving water. Discourage wasting of water as wastewater polluted our Mother Earth and create threats for life on Earth.

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