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Impact of Population on Environment

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We all are wonderful creatures and we spread our millions of colonies almost all the corners of planets and our numbers are continue to grow. All the biotic and abiotic entities around us make our environment. The environment is the basic life support system. The population in 1800 is 1 Billion and now it’s 7.5 Billion which puts a great threat on the environment.   One of the probable and major causes of degradation of the environment is the rising population and by this time it’s overpopulation.

Causes of Overpopulation:-

Once there was a time when there was no city densely populated, the skies were blue and no toxicity in the flowing of a river. Our grandparents told us how much peaceful the days are. There are some causes of overpopulation.

  • Increase in life expectancy
  • Reduce the infant mortality rates
  • Prevailing uneducation
  • Poverty 

Farming Impacts

For a very long period of time, humans survive through food by being dependent on farming. The demand for food has risen with the passage of time and with the increase of population. There was more mouth to feed than to find a solution. With the support of the government, farmers started cutting forests to enhance their hold on land that is a good source of land. By doing this, the forests become shrinking and at the end damaging of the environment has been started.  Cutting of forests is not only the impact on the environment, but farmers also Burn stubble World after harvest of the crops. The vast amount of smoke mixed in the environment contains toxic chemicals.


Too much growth of algae in the lake and water through any fertilizer or any other human activity is called eutrophication, the process of photosynthesis that does not occur in the plants under the water due to algae, and ultimately there is loss f oxygen and the ecosystem of water is disturbed. The diversity of water become decreases due to the high sedimentation process, the lifespan of river and lake decrease significantly.

Loss of fresh Water

Our increasing needs for factory-made products, losses of fresh water in the river and oceans. Discharge of all factory waste materials in the river and lakes results in the loss of freshwater.


Cutting down of forest for the settlement of humans, building of new houses, roads and increase the farming capacity. Not only this but also reduce the oxygen level in the air and sadly wild animals become homeless just because their natural environment is captured by humans.

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