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Importance of Water in People Life

Importance of Water in People Life

December 30, 2021 WBM Foundation Comments Off

Water is a crucial part of life and ensures the survival of living being on earth. Three vital resources necessary for life on earth are air, water, and food. The use of resources is increasing due to the overpopulation causing exploitation of resources. Different studies tell us that more than 600 million people are living around the world without access to pure drinking water. World water day is celebrated each year on 22 March. In 1993 first time The United General Assembly organized it. This year (2021) it focused on ”Valuing Water”. The purpose of celebration was to highlight the importance of freshwater and its access to all people around the world.  Also, its focus to minimizes the water wastage. On this day, we should give awareness and arrange activities highlighting water importance, which can make a change in people’s life.

Though earth’s surface consists of 71% water which comprises 97% ocean water, and only 3% freshwater. Two-third part of freshwater is consisting of frozen glaciers and polar ice caps. The remaining freshwater consists of rivers, lakes, groundwater, surface water, and rainwater. One part of the freshwater that we use for another purpose in which 90% used for agriculture, 8% used for industry, and only 2% are available for domestic use. This shows the water value is much more than its price.

Water has tremendous and consolidated value in our economy, food, households, culture, education, and natural environment. If we ignore the water value, it will lead to its mismanagement. If we do not understand the multidimensional and comprehensive water value, we can’t save and conserve this crucial resource for the future generations.

Water shortage is a major and alarming issue in the world. The 2019 World Economic Forum Global Risk Report describes that the water crises in terms of likelihood and effects are available on top ten risks. Unusually, in low-income countries people have excessive responsibility related to water availability tasks. This task has left physical, psychological, and economic negative impacts on their lives that are increasing due to our negligence.

Recently Pakistan is categorized under list of water stressed countries. In Pakistan, water availability is less than 1000 cubic meters per person annually that crossed this level in 2005. If the water level reaches 500 cubic meters per person annually by 2025, it considers a severe water stress country. Up to 80% of people living in the main cities of Pakistan lack clean water access.

In a crux, water has vital role for survival on planet earth, without its life can’t exist. It is our responsibility to conserve and preserve a healthy water management system. Importantly our governments should take a unique action with the involvement of NGOs for the development of effective water management strategies. The government should support the NGOs at the public level to conserve and efficient usage of water resources. Therefore, the government should make rules and legislation for water conservation and strictly implement them by related departments.


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