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  • Plastic Bags

Because of the huge among of waste these bags tend to generate, you’d think they be something you’d really want to go out of your way to recycle. Unfortunately these bags wreak havoc on the machinery at recycling plants by causing jams. Seriously, just stop using plastic bags.

  • Paper Coffee Cups

Yet another huge waste maker that’s especially difficult to recycle. The thin plastic coating on these cups makes them hard to reprocesses. If you can, you should consider using a reusable travel mug for your coffee.

  • Pizza Boxes

This one is probably pretty surprising since any pizza box says it’s recyclable on the box in one or more places. The problem is that the grease from the pizza can contaminate the box. If you only have a single box, it’s probably not going to cause a huge problem, but if you’re throwing a party or something then it’s best to cut the grease covered bit out of each box.

  • Food Contaminated Paper Plates and Napkins

Pretty much for the same reason a pizza box causes problems things disposable paper plates and napkins also do. If you can manage it just do the dishes.

  • Plastic Bottle Caps

Different kinds of plastic have different melting points, so when the bottle and cap go in together the bottle cap contaminates the plastic bottles during reprocessing. This can be easily dealt with by just separating the bottle and cap. On their own, each is perfectly recyclable.

  • Juice Boxes

Similar to the caps on plastic bottles, you’ll want to separate those little plastic straws from the little plastic boxes.