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Overview of World Environment Day – Only one Earth

Overview of World Environment Day – Only one Earth

May 30, 2022 WBM Foundation Comments Off

The biggest international Day for the environment is World Environment Day. World Environment Day is organized annually on the 5th of June since 1974. Initiate and lead by a United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). This fast-growing initiative welcomes the different countries worldwide to engage in environmental protection.  Provide the largest global platform for outreach. The purpose of this event is to protect and save mother Earth. In the millions of galaxies are billions of planets, and in billions of planets, there is only one Earth. Only one earth is a planet on which life exists. This fast-growing Program provides a platform for millions of people across the world to engage with the environment protection initiative.

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History of World Environment Day

In 1972 United Nations held its first conference on the human environment in Stockholm. This conference highlighted the environment as a major issue. 150 countries participated in it. This was the first-ever conference internationally that deals with environmental issues. This conference kickstarted the formation of administrations and agencies which will work for the environment. United Nations General Assembly declared the 5th of June as Environmental day which was led by UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program) each year since 1974.

Host of Environmental Day 2022

Environment day is hosted by different countries each year to take place as the official celebration. Environment Day is celebrated to showcase the pioneering work of the hosted company. In 2022, Sweden has hosted the celebration of this day. Environmental Day 2022 is an opportunity for Sweden to show its pioneering work on the environment. On Environmental day, different countries organize this day to stand out together for their environment. Aware the people regarding hazards to the environment and problems that is environment facing today. Educate the people regarding the environment and the restoration of the natural ecosystem on the local, national, and international levels.

Milestone for Environment community

2022 Environmental Day is marked as a historical milestone in the Global environment community. 2022 environment day marks 50 years of celebration since the 1972 First United Nations Conference on Human Environment.

Hazards to Environment:

Our environment is facing hazards and new challenges day by day. These challenges are in the form of disturbing climatic patterns and increasing their intensity, loss of biodiversity, depletion, and contamination of natural resources. It is just because of human unsustainable activities. Human-made the environment polluted and harmful for themselves as well as to the life that exists on earth.

Importance of Earth

In the millions of galaxies and billions of planets, there is only one Earth on which life exists. There is only one earth on which essential for life exist. On other planets, there is no life due to the absence of requirements needed for life to arise and survive. Earth is the only one on which we live and use its resources for our survival. A healthy environment on earth promotes a healthy life on Earth. On the other hand, a contaminated or polluted environment is leading a miserable life on earth. This environment becomes fatal for life on earth. Sustainable use of resources, discouraging pollution, and promoting environmental protection activities lead to a healthy environment. A healthy environment leads healthy life on earth. Because there is no second planet for life survival.

Take care of it.

Role of WBM Foundation

WBM Foundation is an environmental protection organization. WBM Foundation works for many years on the restoration of a natural ecosystem. Promoting the natural environment on the national and international levels. WBM Foundation is celebrated World environment day every year. Spread awareness regarding the importance of a healthy and clean environment. Volunteer work for the betterment of the environment. Play a major role in plantations to restore the natural ecosystem.

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