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Plant A Tree - A Tree for Peace

Plant A Tree – A Tree for Peace

June 14, 2022 WBM Foundation Comments Off

The plantation of trees is as important nowadays as important to breathe for life.

Plantation Tree

The plantation of trees is a noble cause. The plantation is only one solution to protect our environment from calamity. Calamity in the form of Global warming, acidic rain, Floods, drought, and desertification. The plantation is only one solution to all problems that the environment faces, that life faces on Earth in the form of health and social conflict. The tree symbolizes peace.

A tree is a symbol of peace, serenity, and healthy life.

Plantation symbolizes peace

Planting trees beautify nature. Creating life full of peace. Leaves produce a rustling sound when wind passes through them. Rain designing beautiful pearls on leaves of trees. Greenery gives pleasure to the soul. Birds are chirping sitting on the branches of trees. Breathing in fresh air is full of life. Spending life in greenery makes heaven on Earth.

A tree promotes healthy life on earth.

Plants are natural filters

Plants are natural filters. Plants filter the air and provide clean air. Plants provide oxygen to inhale. Plants protect our environment from calamity arose due to pollution. Pollution of water air, land, and soil ultimately affects the health of life. It makes it hard or even fatal to survive on Earth. Because pollution leading problems in form of health issues in form water-borne diseases, skin issues, respiratory disorders, and many more. It also leads to conflict arising due to scarcity of resources.

Plant A Tree - A Tree for Peace

Conflicts due to unavailability of water, food, and poverty and tending to people to think about violent action. It is leading to an increase in the crime rate and suicide rate in the country or world. A climactic pattern has much importance. It has a large impact on the life of residents of a country. Climatic patterns affect the activity and style of people.

Planting trees is the basic need today to make our environment clean. It is the only solution to restore our ecosystem. It is the only solution for building peace. It safeguards us from social conflicts and health issues.

WBM Foundation is an environmental protection organization, working for environmental restoration. Promote planting and create awareness regarding the green economy to create sustainability. WBM Foundation always stands for our earth. In the continuation of the plantation, we run an environment protection campaign on hazards that the environment faces to get rid of them. Make our clean green and clean.

Save our mother Earth

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