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Recycling Culture in Pakistan

February 21, 2022 WBM Foundation Comments Off

Countries like Pakistan, where social norms are a bit scarce; it is very hard to encourage people to adopt a recycling culture. In general, people with literally no awareness, presumptuously say that recycling is a non-issue and why even discuss it. However, on a broader spectrum, recycling is a major concernthat is directly related to Pakistan and its overall cleanliness. The masses need to understand how important this subject is.Adopting a recycling culture devises various benefits, for the people and for the environment itself. Recycling initiative is an environmentally friendly effort not only for the government, but for the general public. Because it can generate revenues and generating revenues mean creating more jobs and more jobs mean creating a competitive edge in the international market with sustained economy.Seeing the perspective of Pakistan in view, recycling can be introduced in step by step manner. First a country wide full scale awareness campaign should be launched by the government and private organizations. Providing thorough knowledge to the general public on recycling ideas and subject is important at first.


By engaging people from all walks of life, such as media, government and private academic institutions, private and government hospitals, etc. can create a large social motivational campaign on recycling culture.Later in the stage, involve sanitary workers to collect domestic waste. Also create awareness among sanitary workers regarding the importance of recycling and how this very culture can form Pakistan a more diverse and environment friendly country. Provide proper knowledge to sanitary workers on collecting and sorting out domestic waste for recycling purposes. Also make efforts to involve manufacturers who are in business to make fertilizers and other products from waste materials.Recycling experts say that the segregation process of waste material is somewhat lethargic, but if the right measures are taken through proper workshops, sanitary workers can easily understand how to separate bottles, plastic, cans, lined paper packs and papers from everyday waste materials.


Along with domestic waste material and its recycling process, many areas are also there which can be explored for recycling purposes. The one that has many potential benefits is construction waste recycling. It involves the recycling of waste material of constructions sites and the recycling of waste material of any demolished site.Consequently, the recycling culture in Pakistan can be prevailed if the right measures are taken today. This subject also has a direct association concerning culture and waste recycling. Providing a conceivable approximation of the outcome of cultural contribution upon households’ conduct within the issue of environmental sustainability is still possible if recycling culture is adopted wholeheartedly.

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