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Revitalization: Collective action for ocean

Revitalization: Collective action for ocean

June 1, 2022 WBM Foundation Comments Off


Ocean connects and supports life either in seawater or on earth. So, there is a need to revitalize the ocean, protect the environment of oceans, and conserve the species of oceans. Conserving endangered species of ocean included turtles and many other rare species of fish. Restore its natural ecosystem. Prohibit the release of polluted effluent from different industries or treat properly effluent before ejection into the seas or oceans.

Ocean of resources

The ocean is a blue world. Ocean comprises 1/3rd of Earth’s surface. Pakistan has a 1015km long coastline extending from Rann of Kutch to Jiwani in the west. The ocean is the ocean of biological resources. This blue world is the largest ecosystem where millions of specie live. It is the largest ecosystem, having the largest habitat instead of land. Humans rely on them for their resources. Humans rely on them for oxygen that takes into tourism and the economy of the world. In other words, it provides a resource not only for life but also a cause of survival on this earth in terms of economy. It helps in economic development. According to WHO: Ocean is the 7th largest economy.

The ocean is the support system for human

Oceans have the largest diversity of life. All the services that the ocean provides us are priceless, it not only helps in arising of life but also helps in survival on earth, if sustainably using the ocean.

Hazards to ocean

Oceans are facing many hazards in terms catch by of cetacean species. Destruction of their habitat. Human activities make their environment harmful for their survival by releasing industrial effluent into the sea. Polluting the environment, increasing their BOD, leading to depletion of DO (Dissolved oxygen). Adding the harmful pollutant, contaminated the food chain. The result of which is harmful not only to aquatic life but also causes diseases and problems for humans on Earth.

World Ocean Day

8th June is dedicated to the celebration of World Ocean Day. This day is celebrated throughout the world to stand together to protect the oceans. To raise the issues that the ocean faces today due to anthropogenic activities. Raise awareness regarding anthropogenic activities that have harmful impacts on the natural environment of oceans and their biodiversity.

The WOD is celebrated officially with the contribution of the United Nations Division for oceans affairs, the law of the sea, and the office of legal affairs on ocean affairs.

The theme of World Ocean Day 2022 is Revitalization: Collective Action for Ocean. This year 2022, there is a hybrid celebration of this annual event of WOD (World Ocean Day) To create a naturally balanced ecosystem, there is a need for collective action as an individual, the team as an organization, and as a nation for the revitalization of the ocean. We have to work together to deal with ocean affairs.

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