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What are the Benefits of Sustainable Technology in our daily lives?

November 22, 2021 wbm foundation Comments Off

Nowadays, climate change threats are rapidly increasing so, making sustainability a necessary tool to reduce the pressure on the environment. Every day, we are exposed to various environmental risks including pollution, exhaustion of natural resources, depletion of the ozone layer, generation of e-waste, poor air quality, water quality, deforestation, and more. These environmental parameters pose a challenge to sustainability. With no focus on the CO2 emissions, US CO2 emissions will reach 4,807 million metric tons. Every day, we hear about green technology or sustainability. With the increased industrialization, there is a need for a possible solution to tackle the environmental problems with green technology. Sustainable Technology is important to bring innovation. Consider the natural resources of the environment and thus foster social and economic development. Green technology helps to reduce the negative impacts on human health by conserving resources and nature.

Why is Green Technology Important to us?

We need green technology to slow down global warming and to reduce the greenhouse gases in the environment. Implementing green technology to preserve natural resources is beneficial for human well-being and the planet’s health. This technology ensures the use of renewable energy sources instead of non-renewable sources of energy. Sustainable technology comprises recycling, health concerns, energy efficiency, and renewable energy resources. Shifting towards green technology has a positive impact on the environment in the long run. One of the foremost objectives of green technology is to preserve and protect the environment. A good example of green technology that helps to reserve the adverse effects of existing damage is “Bioenergy with Carbon Capturing & Storage”, which converts crops into biofuels and the remaining CO2 is captured. Eco-friendly technology or green technology gives some of the basic principles that contribute to to the betterment of the earth’s natural environment.

  • Waste Reduction
  • Efficient Power Use
  • Limit Hazardous Materials
  • Eco-Friendly Products
  • Reduce Consumption of Resources
  • Improve the quality of life
  • Increase product’s life cycle

What is the Application of Sustainable/Green Technology in Life?

With the passing years, green technology has now been within the reach, giving more opportunities for households and individuals to protect the natural environment. Some of the benefits of sustainable technology in our daily life are:

  1. Energy-Efficient Lighting

Ideally, shifting towards green technology, smart light bulbs are the ones compared to the incandescent bulbs that were more common in the past. LED and smart bulbs are inventions that consume less electricity and change the lighting game. LEDs are great due to the longer lifespan, less energy consumed, and safe material.

Smart LED bulbs boast 80% improvements compared to incandescent bulbs as they do not contain any harmful chemicals such as mercury, eliminating the risk to inhale toxic fumes.

2. Solar-Powered

Replacing your power source with solar-powered systems is another sustainable way to help the environment. Shifting towards solar energy reduces the electricity bills as well the carbon emissions. Solar panels are a great alternative to traditional coal plants.

Electricity generation through solar systems reduces the carbon footprint as well as saves massive bills. Just like solar panels, now there are solar batteries too that can store extra solar energy in them to be used later.

3. Renewable Sources of Energy

Alternative energy sources other than solar energy are also available, known as clean energy sources. Clean energy includes biogas, wind, biomass, geothermal, and hydropower energy. These sources generate zero GHGs and do not deplete the natural resources of the earth.

Renewable energy widens sustainable living and supports large-scale employment compared to fossil fuels. Harnessing wind energy is a great example of green technology.

4. Composting

Among the easiest and the greenest technology is composting that can be easily started anywhere. Recycle organic and food waste at home simply through composting that improves recycling of nutrients, soil health, mitigates drought impacts, and reduces GHGs. You can make your worm bin at home and mow many people are moving towards household composting.

5. Electric Vehicles

Electric cars are more efficient than gasoline cars as you can readily fuel up your cars with electricity with zero to minimal emissions of carbon. Their electric engines convert the energy without producing any toxic fumes that are beneficial for a healthy environment.

6. Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming, another eco-friendly technology that benefits human living. Growing plants vertically in stacked layers than horizontal increases sustainability. This farming reduces the use of water and does not require soil for the growth of plants.

Vertical farming maintains consistent production of crops around the year without affecting Mother Nature. These crops grown within a controlled climate do remain unaffected by the adverse weather. Environmental-friendly farming reduces the need for fossil fuels and no need for pests, weeds for crop harvesting.

Benefits of Sustainable Living

Sustainable living reduces the demand for earth’s natural resources, replacing them with the best resources available for mankind. Sustainable living gives benefits to both human beings as well as the planet. A healthy diet is a sustainable diet, produced with less impact on the ecosystem and the soil. Taking a sustainable approach to your life makes you feel better and protects the planet’s resources. Waste reduction is the 1st step towards sustainable living to benefit the present and the future generation. With sustainability, it leads to less air pollution in the environment. Planting more trees cleans the air so, WBM Foundation also works to plant more trees and does well to play its role in conserving Mother Nature for future generations.  Being green is not easy but, today is the need to be sustainable or eco-friendly considering the renewable sources of energy, using energy-efficient appliances and lighting systems, and using electric cars for transportation. Green technology is important to combat climate change. So, WBM Foundation addresses the environmental causes by organizing activities and campaigns in institutions to work for the prosperity of humans and nature.

Final Thoughts

At times, green technology was limited to large-scale applications so, these technologies contribute to bringing back the life and environment to breathing conditions. Thankfully, there is enough awareness about the environmental issues that increase the demand for eco-friendly technologies.

Of course, not everyone can afford these options, but moving to simple and easy green options makes you live on the planet safely while protecting Mother Nature.

“Adopt Green Technologies in Daily Life and Save Mother Earth”

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