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World No Tobacco Day – Step to Protect the Environment

World No Tobacco Day – Step to Protect the Environment

May 30, 2022 WBM Foundation Comments Off

Overview of World No Tobacco Day

WHO announces theme for the 2022 World No Tobacco Day campaign is Tobacco: Threat to our Environment. The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness regarding the impact of the use of tobacco on the environment. Give awareness to tobacco user that how the use of tobacco not only impact your health but also disintegrated our environment. Another purpose of this 2022 World No tobacco day is to EXPOSE THE TOBACCO INDUSTRY. Because the Tobacco industry for short term benefit produces a longer-term impact on Environment. Tobacco industry wearing the mask of ecofriendly products production and trying to greenwash their reputation

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Tobacco: Threaten to the Environment

The use of Tobacco is one of the largest threats not only for humans but also has a long-term impact in the form of degradation of the environment. Tobacco not only proves a poison for humans but also poisons the environment. The use of tobacco threatening the environment is one more reason to quit tobacco. Tobacco is harming the environment throughout its whole life cycle. Tobacco effect life and its environment from its production, cultivation, and use of it in tobacco products and production waste.

  • Contribution of the Tobacco industry in polluting the environment

Impact on atmosphere

84 megaton Carbon Dioxide equivalent greenhouse gasses contribution made by tobacco industry annually in the environment. It is causing disturbing climatic patterns, affecting the natural ecosystem, and reducing the chance of recovery of the ecosystem.

Impact on Land

It has a large impact on natural resources. It is exerting pressure on scarce natural resources such as land. For the cultivation and production of tobacco, millions of hectares of land area are used. It leads to deforestation, the cutting of trees converting the forest land into non-forest land.

According to WHO: 60000000 trees were cut down to make cigarettes. Non–forest land is used for the cultivation of tobacco. Growing tobacco in that land makes the soil infertile. This land becomes useless for the production of another crop. They not only impact the natural land resource but lead to scarcity of food and causes poverty.

The burning of cigarettes is the burning of natural resources.

Impact on water resource

In the Production of harmful tobacco products, the precious resource of water is used. According to WHO, 22,000,000,000litre of water is used in making cigarettes. Water is a precious resource. Today World is facing a shortage of water, and many cities are longing for water due to the climate crisis. In this scenario, tobacco industries are using water for cultivating tobacco and production of tobacco products.

Role of WBM Foundation

WBM Foundation celebrates the world No Tobacco Day Every year. Give awareness to people about the hazards of tobacco smoking on tobacco smokers and also on the passive smoker

As passive smoking is more dangerous than smoking.

WBM Foundation always stands out on a national or international level for the protection of the environment. WBM Foundation is always present on the front line to take initiative for the restoration of the ecosystem. This year 2022 WBM Foundation take initiative to spread awareness about the threats to the environment created by the tobacco industry to the people of Pakistan as well as other countries. WBM Foundation organizes seminars and campaigns to Prohibit the production of Tobacco. Guided youth towards a healthy lifestyle in school, colleges, and university level. WBM Foundation stands out with government authority to act on natural ecosystem destroying activities.

No use of tobacco is one of the largest steps to protect the environment.

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