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About Us __

WBM Foundation

WBM Foundation is a Non-Profit organization working on essential cause which is Environmental sustainability. WBM Foundation is a Company setup under Section 42 of the companies Act, 2017 (Repealed Ordinance 1984). WBM Foundation has been working since 2004 and registered on 2011.We have conducted 1000s of environmental awareness campaigns on National and International Level. We have planted Billions of trees all over Pakistan.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to plant as much Trees on the planet earth that can oxidize maximum amount of harmful hydrocarbons from the air. Also we make the World green and pure by engaging different organizations with us e.g. Health Department, Environment Department, Mining Department Go Green welfare, PHA, WASA, Irrigation department, Punjab forest department, and education department etc.

Our Objectives

Our Objective

Our only objective is to create a habitable green Earth and a better world for the present and future generations.We imagine a healthy, prosperous world in which societies are forever committed to caring for and valuing nature, for the long-term benefit of people and all life on Earth.WBM Foundation has organizing healthy environmental activities from January 2009 to create awareness among the masses to work for a healthy environment and making our mother earth greener for future generations.

What We Are Doing?

WBM Foundation addresses the most urgent environmental issues of our time.  Our network exemplifies the power of collective action as we bring together individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations around the world to support people and the planet.

‘’When we all work together, we can protect Environment’’


We recognize that we cannot solve the climate crisis without recognizing the unreasonable impact of environmental issues. We exist to ensure that our planet and future generations prosper. However, achieving this goal requires a versatile approach that addresses both environmental and social justice.WBM Foundation focuses on the ongoing global environmental issues around the world and:

  1. Promote pollution-free environment & climate action
  2. Conduct training workshops on Environment Protection
  3. Protect Soil Erosion & practice Kitchen Gardening
  4. Plantation & Afforestation
  5. Clean Air & Reduce greenhouse gas emission 
  6. Sustainable cities and communities
  7. Energy Conservation
  8. Waste Management & segregation
  9. Promote biodegradable packaging material
  10. Clean water and sanitation
  11. disaster management
  12. Take measure for pollution free National heritage, Historical, Recreational sites, Public parks, industrial site, markets, residential streets
  13. Recycling
  14. Clean energy 
  15. Sustainable Development Goals
  16. Mass awareness through all means of Electronic, Print, and News media.
  17. Good health and wellbeing
  18. Partnerships for the goals

Where We Work?

  • WBM Foundation is a Nationally and Internationally recognized organization and has a global impact.
  • One of the World largest and most experienced independent environmental organizations, with almost four million supporters, a global network active in different countries.

‘’You can always give more, but you should never give less than 1%’’

Our Work Map
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