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What does Eco-Friendly Means?

November 8, 2023 WBM Foundation Comments Off

Have you heard of Green Living? In recent years, the term “eco-friendly” means everything around us. This has been used for many practices and products. By understanding the term eco-friendly, we can move towards the implementation of practices towards a healthier lifestyle for the planet earth. Eco-Friendly means earth-friendly and not harmful to the environment. Using eco-friendly products prevents the pollution of land, water and air. Making an eco-friendly product keeps the environment as well as the humans safe. There are many ways to be eco-friendly or going green in your life. Becoming part of eco-friendly means consuming products that cause no harm to the environment. Promoting eco-friendly and sustainable living protects the environment. 

Being eco-friendly goes beyond the idea that we can take with us in the everyday life. This can be changing your habit such as reducing waste at the source, recycling, composting and use fewer plastic items, or simply switching your toothbrush and using a reusable drinking straw. 

How to Start Eco-Friendly Choices?

People should make eco-friendly choices in simple ways: 

  1. 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle): Reduce your waste from the source at your home. Reuse materials instead of throwing them into waste. Opt to recycle your waste daily. Recycle waste like plastic, aluminum cans, glass can be recycled into a new shape
  2. Plastic-Free: Move towards a plastic-free environment. Produce plastic products with eco-friendly materials
  3. Composting: One of the most eco-friendly ways to reduce organic waste at home. Composting is a natural way of recycling by degrading the organic waste into soil
  4. Use Eco-Friendly Products: Use cloth bags instead of plastic bags that can be reused again and again for shopping. The alternatives exist for all the facets of life
  5. Conservation of Energy: Reduce the consumption of electricity by moving towards energy-efficient products at home. CFL bulbs consume less than 40% energy and last 10 times more than the traditional bulbs 
  6. Eat Organic: Eat Organic Food that is healthier and eliminates the use of toxic pesticides
  7. Zero Waste: Ultimate goal of your lifestyle is to reduce the waste amount as more as possible
  8. Choose Cruelty-Free Products: Use those products of personal care that are not tested on animals or do not contain animal ingredients
  9. Choose Non-Toxic: For personal hygiene, we use cleaning products that are entirely made of chemicals. Look for all-natural and organic alternatives. Use plant-based cleaners
  10. Seek Minimal Packaging: Avoid products with films and secondary packaging. Use products with less packaging and made of recycled materials 
  11. More Plantation: Why tree plantation is needed? They give timber, oxygen and fruits that prevent floods and erosion. Educate people about tree plantations. WBM Foundation also works to plant more trees as they are the major carbon sinks. 

Eco-Friendly vs. Green vs. Sustainable

Eco-friendly and Green are interchangeable as both have a little environmental impact. Sustainability is a complex term that means “Meeting the needs of the present generation without any compromise on the ability of the future generations to meet their needs.”  Sustainability has 3 pillars: economic, social and environmental.

Importance of Being Eco-Friendly

Environmental-friendly or eco-friendly is important. Everyone needs to work together. Everyone needs to play a role in saving the planet. Moving towards an eco-friendly environment saves human lives and improves living. Research shows processed food and skincare products has harmful chemical detrimental for the human life. Turning to healthy products that are eco-friendly to protect the environment. Tackling waste is one of the most challenging problems. With the increasing population, more waste is produced that is difficult to dispose of. By making recycled and composted products, it is easy to cut the substantial amount of waste that is produced every year. Green living is cheaper and saves a ton of money. The most important about being eco-friendly is preserving the environment. From deforestation to releasing toxic pollutants into the environment, there is a war for the environment of the planet. We need to cut the harmful activities and make the earth sustainable. Instead of deforestation move towards reforestation. Trees provide oxygen and clean the atmosphere to maintain a healthy living environment. 


Eco-Friendly and Role of WBM Foundation

Green living is important for everyone. Play your role in making the environment green. WBM Foundation plays its role in promoting a green environment for the healthy living of human beings. WBM Foundation plays role in promoting a green environment for better living conditions. We play to stop the degradation of the natural environment of the earth by planting trees. We create awareness among the people to preserve and conserve the resources and the environment for the living beings. We believe to secure a green environment by planting trees and promote sustainability to benefit future generations as well. Save your family and yourself. Save your planet!  

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