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Birds Migration -Light Pollution

Birds Migration -Light Pollution

May 13, 2022 WBM Foundation Comments Off

World migratory bird day is organized twice a year in May or October. This day is organized for the annual awareness-raising campaign all over the world. World Migratory Bird Day is organized nationally and internationally. The purpose to organize this day to raise awareness about conserving the species of Migratory Birds and their habitats.

Why Birds Migrated?

Birds connect our world and migrated over boundaries of one terrain to another. Because in the cold season, birds face difficulty in finding food and raising their young ones. It is easier for them to raise their young ones in a warmer climate and to survive. So, they migrate from one place to another place in the winter season. And develop their habitat in warmer regions.

Threats to Migratory Birds

While birds migrated, they faced many threats. Increasing Population caused many threats to them. Birds face threats in form of illegal hunting of migratory birds. Used them as food, and destroyed their habitats for space. Light pollution is also one of the threats to bird species.

Light pollution

Light pollution is a global concern. Light pollution is the emission of light from artificial light sources in abundance. Recent studies show that light pollution is increasing by 2% every year. Outdoor lighting is increasing at night. The night is brightened with lights. This overabundance of light causes light pollution. In areas like Europe, Asia, America, and the Middle East, the sky is glowing with lights. While remote areas such as Siberia and amazon has complete darkness at the night. This indicates that urban areas contribute larger to light pollution.

In light pollution, anthropogenic activities and inventions play an important role. Vehicles emit lights, street lamps, and lights along the side of the road. Meanwhile, electric lights of offices, factories, homes, and advertisements are displayed on streets and on the roadside are artificial light sources. These artificial light sources cause light pollution.

Light pollution has a larger impact on the life of animals such as migratory birds. They disturb their natural abilities such as awakening, and travel activities, get confused, and going to be detracted. Mainly disturb their internal clock.

Light pollution causes the extinction of bird species. Birds have the ability to detect light from several horizons. Migratory birds travel a large distance to reach their destination.  They migrate from one terrain to another, crossing overseas forests and boundaries of the country or continent. Develop their habitat and raise their young ones.  But light pollution causes disorientation to birds. This misleads the birds from their track. Result of which, they accidentally collide in the building or anything and died.

To reduce light pollution and its impact on migratory birds. We have to stand out with the slogan

Dim the light at night.

Birds are the smile of nature.

We should stand out to restore the natural black sky at night for the conservation of the species of birds. Create awareness among people. Develop a sense of responsibility and urge the government to take action. Organizations like the International dark sky association, Natural Park service, natural sounds, and night skies division, cosmic Tribes, and many others play an important role in conserving the dark sky.

WBM Foundation is an environmental protection organization. WBM foundation play important role in conserving the migratory bird species. They organize awareness raising campaigns about the conservation of bird species. They organize seminars in schools, colleges and university. The purpose is to educate the youth about hazards that species face in our environment. To conserve the species is our top most priority.

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